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Officially approved sports ice skating rinks

The sports ice skating rinks from Ice-World are suitable both for temporary sports events and for permanent ice sports facilities. The ice skating rinks can be used, for example, as a temporary extension of existing ice floor capacity, as a full-fledged interim solution when replacing or renovating a permanent ice skating rink, or as a flexible solution at locations where no fixed ice skating rink installation is possible.

Top quality ice skating rink

Thanks to our knowledge of ice quality and climate control, our ice is recognised by official bodies such as the IIHF, ISU and KNSB. Weather conditions or other environmental factors do not play a role: our rink for the World Short Track Championships is proof that even a full stadium does not pose a threat to the quality of the ice.

Low cost

By working with Ice-World you are assured of a top quality ice skating rink with low investment costs. In addition, our ice skating rinks consume up to 40% less electricity and can be assembled or dismantled within a very short period of time. This means that operational costs such as energy costs and site rental costs are lower than for other ice skating rink systems.

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Create unforgetable moments with an Ice-World FunPark

High PR value
Guaranteed spectacle

Three reasons to rent or buy an ice skating rink from Ice-World

Lower operational costs

The rapid assembly and dismantling of the ice skating rink means lower costs, for example lower site rental costs.

Proven ice quality

Our rinks are approved by official bodies such as ISU, IIHF and KNSB for recreational and professional skating.

Easy to install

Our rinks can be created in an existing building, building redeveloped for the purpose, semi-permanent building, a marquee or outdoors.


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A recreational ice skating rink, whether temporary or permanent, is a crowd-puller and ensures that visitors stay longer at your event. The ultimate marketing tool and an excellent revenue model!

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XXL fun on ice for skaters and non-skaters! Our spectacular mini amusement parks with real ice slides are popular in shopping malls, stadiums and theme parks.

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Our portable sports ice skating rinks are the ideal solution for temporary top-class sporting events such as the World Short Track Championships or the World Allround Speed Skating Championships, but also as a permanent solution for an ice sport club or a municipality.

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