Skate till you drop

With an ice rink in your mall, you transform a shopping trip into a fun day out for everyone.

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Longer stay
More revenue

Shoppers and shops will love it

Nowadays, shopping malls and arcades need to offer more than just good shopping. People want a great day out. For malls and arcades, an ice rink not only brings a dynamic new dimension to the shopping experience. It also provides new revenue streams, from ticket sales and skate rental to catering and sponsorship. Whatever their age or feelings about shopping! As a result, people will travel further to visit you, stay longer, spend more and leave happier. Most importantly, it gives people another reason to love your mall.

A day to remember

And this great winter experience doesn’t need to be limited to the winter. At Ice-World, we’ve made ice rinks a year-round attraction. So even in the warmer months you can offer visitors a world of frosty fun, complete with winter-themed activities and décor. And in hot countries, where people may never have experienced ice-based fun, it’s a great way to give folks a real day to remember.


Flexible solutions, green solutions

Our flexible solutions deliver exactly what you need. Whether that’s a removable ice rink or a permanent one, located indoors or outside. And we offer a range of great activities and accessories, from traditional skating and curling to Icebyks and ice slides.

It’s also good to know that the Ice-World system is significantly more energy-efficient than competitors and backed up by over 30 years’ experience in ice rink design and supply.

Create unforgettable cool moments with Ice-World

We were very satisfied about the quality of the system itself and of the professional support.

Mehmet Akinici – Chairman Paten Group of Companies

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