Sport ice rink

The number of sports events on mobile ice rinks is growing. We have realized many sports rinks worldwide from ice hockey to figure skating, Ice-World supports you from start to finish. You can hire or buy a sport ice rink for any occassion.

IIHF approved
ISU approved

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has never been more popular. We offer temporary and permanent ice rinks, and can deliver these in an existing building, building redeveloped for the purpose, semi-permanent building, marquee or outdoors.

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Speed Skating

Speed skating is a sport where the difference between winning and losing can be 100ths of a second. So the ice has to be just right at all times. We make sure you can set world breaking records.

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Figure Skating

The demands of figure skating could hardly be more varied. We offer permanent, temporary and mobile ice rinks, for spectacular shows involving large numbers of performers to strictly-regulated competitive events.

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Curling is attracting growing numbers and local needs vary from case to case. That calls for a flexible, experienced ice rink partner to help you find the right solution. At Ice-World we offer permanent, temporary and mobile curling rinks.

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Short track is an increasingly popular sport. The ice quality must be consistent. That requires an experienced, adaptable partner who can deliver not just the perfect rink but the perfect solution for your needs.

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