Better safe than worry

You simply can’t compromise on safety. We offer solid helmets and protection sets in all children and adult sizes.

Our solutions for safe skating

Helmets and protection sets in all sizes and shapes.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Our regular head protection sets go along with knee, elbow & wrist protection sets. These offer additional protection on the ice. Tough, low-maintenance, stackable gear that does the job it has to do.




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Create unforgetable and safe ice adventures with Ice-World

Projects & news

News March 2024

WCS Shorttrack Championships 2024

As in 2017, the World Championship will be held on a temporary ice rink at Ice-World.
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Reference January 2024

Themepark Toverland attracted 3 times more visitors

An customized ice rink, 2 funslides and a curlingrink attracted visitors from home and abroad.
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Blog December 2023

The joy of real ice

We believe the world is more fun when everyone can enjoy the thrill of skating on real ice.
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Events News September 2023

Unique rotating ice rink

Ice-World built the world's first 360º rotating ice rink for the Dutch musical production De Tocht.
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PlayFountain August 2023

PlayFountain charms its audience

A marketing tool, event and attraction for any downtown; that's the PlayFountain in a nutshell.
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Recreation June 2023


The Playfountain offers a completely safe play area for children without direct superficial from parents or supervisors needed. ...
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