The IceByk® ensures spectacular competitions on the ice: for young and old and for skaters and non-skaters. The design of the ice bike offers various sponsorship opportunities.

For children and adults

Thanks to its adjustable seat, the IceByk® is an attraction for both children and adults. The ice bike is therefore ideal for schools, companies and groups that are looking for an accessible group activity. And to make it even more attractive for adults, we have developed an electric version, the E-IceByk®, which reaches a maximum speed of up to 30 km/h (19mph)!

Collect the pawns

Ice-World has developed several games for the IceByk®, including the popular game “collect the pawns”. In this game, each team has its own colour pawns. The aim of the game is to return all pawns to the game master as quickly as possible, whereby each player may only have one pawn in his hands at any time. The game master moves around the field of play. When a player comes across a pawn from the other team, he may move it away (or further away), provided the pawn remains within the field of play. The team that is the first to hand in all its pawns to the game master is the winner.

The dimensions of the IceByk are: L: 1330 mm/H: 800 mm/W 710 mm.

Related accessories

Skating aid Bobby the Seal®

Our skating aid Bobby the Seal® is world famous: the skating aid to learn how to skate and sometimes just to take a rest and a ride on its back.

Tommy the Reindeer®

Get to know the fun ice-skating aid Tommy the Reindeer®: the ideal skating aid for learning to skate independently.

The Base®

Countless rink layout variations thanks to the Base®. For example, create a kids’ play area, an ice rink centre piece with benches and a Christmas tree or a photo point.

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