The Base®: create your perfect layout

A great ice rink is just the beginning. The Base are building blocks you can configure to create your ideal mix of activity spaces. And reconfigure in an instant. For example, to shift the focus from skating to, say, IceByk® racing and curling and vice versa 


A cosy kids’ corner, safe playground, neat hangout zone, Christmas tree focal point… You dream it up, the Base building blocks make it happen. The blocks themselves can also serve as benches for a well-earned rest, fun photo stand-ins and advertising boards. The Base brings you more variety, greater safety and extra revenue streams. Making it quite literally the cornerstone of a successful ice rink.

Customizable ice rink experiences

The Base is best described as a portable and flexible ice rink partition. Experience the ultimate freedom to skate in your own space with this system or create a spectacular trial for skates or IceByk® games.


Every skater’s own ‘home base’

Designed with ease of use in mind, The Base provides a flexible and easy-to-install solution to divide your rink into separate sections. Whether you host public sessions, figure skating classes or ice hockey training, these dividers allow you to create dedicated zones for different activities and skill levels.

The dividers are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble, so you can change the layout of your ice rink in a snap.

Creëer unieke ruimtes voor iedereen met The Base

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