The Base®

Countless rink layout variations thanks to the Base®. For example, create a playful and safe area for kids or a decorative photo point. In this way there is always something new to experience!

A variable ice skating rink layout

Thanks to the Base®, a different layout can be created in next to no time. In a jiffy, a cosy kids’ corner, a cool hangout or a safe playground can be created. The building blocks can also be turned into a bench on which skaters can rest for a while, an ice rink centrepiece with a Christmas tree, a decorative photo point, or provide extra advertising space on the ice: the large print can easily be adapted to the wishes of the customer or sponsor.

The Base® can be used as temporary or permanent separators to create zones on the ice. Everyone has their “own” spot on the ice skating rink as a result. This increases the fun, atmosphere and safety of the ice skating rink!

The dimensions of the Base are: L: 1000 mm/H: 400 mm/W 450 mm.

Other accessories

Skating aid Bobby the Seal®

Our skating aid Bobby the Seal® is world famous: the skating aid to learn how to skate and sometimes just to take a rest and a ride on its back.

Tommy the Reindeer®

Get to know the fun ice-skating aid Tommy the Reindeer®: the ideal skating aid for learning to skate independently.


The spectacular IceByk® is ideal for school groups, business events and families. The Icebyk can be used individually or for group activities, games and competitions.

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