At Ice-World, we are at home in many markets. We offer solutions for (semi) permanent and temporary ice rinks. And should there be a project where customization is required? No problem just contact our consultancy department. We are at your service.

Permanent Ice Rink

Permanent sport rinks
With ice sports booming, many clubs and venues have reached their capacity. At Ice-World we provide world class permanent and semi-permanent ice rinks that can solve that problem at a stroke. We offer professional rinks that can be constructed at any location, such as a stadium, a sports hall or outdoors. It is possible to replace an piping system, renovate an existing ice hall or build a completely new arena.

Permanent recreational rink
Looking for a unique crowd-puller? Create an ongoing unforgettable winter experience with a permanent ice rink in your Shopping Mall or Theme Park. Differentiate yourself with an Ice-World Ice rink.


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Temporary Ice Rinks

Temporary recreational rinks
Ice skating rinks with real ice. It’s still – or better said – a less common unique experience. Especially when people are able to skate in a square, in an amusement park or in a shopping centre requires a different approach than a rink on which top-class sport takes place. If you are a pro or beginner as a ice-entrepreneur or event organizer or ice skater, we do everything we can to make your ice event a success: financially, operationally and with innovative concepts tailored to your requirements.

Temporary sport rink
Are you organizing a one-time world-class sports event or official tournament? Ice-World has been supplier and partner of several national and international championships. We gladly share this experience and help you successfully lay the foundation of your ice sport event: a high quality ice rink.

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Ice fun at its very best! It’s ice rinks made extra cool. An Ice-World FunPark is a spectacular mini amusement park with real ice slides, an optional curling rink and some IceByks guarantee exciting bike rides and races on the ice.

So, let’s go crazy with our custom made FunSlides and FunTracks.

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We offer our clients technical expertise, commercial advice and operational know-how that remove problems and add value at every stage of a project from concept to operation.


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Are you ready for refreshing water fun with PlayFountain? Meet an all season innovative mobile water attraction developed for amusing and activating children. Our play fountain consists of a modular floor area of ​​100 m2 equipped with 1.024 water jets which are controlled by pre-programmed software to create dozens of water games that unlock a unique experience. It’s a fountain with games. The water games are playful, challenging and attractive at the same time. Entertaining the young and the old!


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With over 30 years’ ice maintenance know-how, Ice-World’s experts can advise you on how best to look after your ice. And to help you do so, we offer a range of superb ice maintenance machines. From the Mo Sweeper brush machine and Hot Ice for small rinks, to the Pinguino and WM Compact resurfacing machines for rinks between 450 to 1.200m2, and the WM Mammoth for rinks more than  1200m2.


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Find our collection of best practices, technology articles, the latest blogs and news from Ice-World.


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