A dash of Christmas magic

A successful Christmas market can pull people into your town centre. But there’s no better way to keep them there than an ice rink!

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Revenue booster
Crowd puller
Great promotional tool

Bringing people together

A temporary ice rink is a great promotional tool for your town, helping attract regional day trippers and even short-breakers from further afield. Turning a shopping trip into a proper day out for families and friends. Boosting revenue for shops, restaurants and other businesses during this important period. It's that magical focal point that brings your Christmas market to life.

The right rink for you

There are also wider social benefits. Young and old come together to skate or simply watch the fun, quickly creating a festive tradition that people will look forward to year after year, enhancing social cohesion within your community. With almost no limit to the size and location of your rink, making the right choices can be tricky. At Ice-World we have more than three decades’ experience providing clients like you with a genuine one-stop shop. Helping you identify your ideal period (minimum 3 weeks), size, location, layout and mix of activities, from traditional skating to curling and Icebyks.



You can also hire all the accessories you need, from cute children’s skating aids to specially designed building blocks to customise your rink’s configuration. It’s also good to know that the Ice-World system is significantly more energy efficient than competitors and backed up by over 30 years’ experience in ice rink design and supply.

No risk, we deliver

For 30 years now, we have been helping our customers with successful and sustainable ice events. Ice-World is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Tailor made solutions

We provide advice for the organisation of temporary ice events and permanent ice skating rinks, based on your specific wishes.

100% CO2 compensation

Ice-World compensates 100 percent for CO2 emissions by means of wind power, its own solar panels and Salt Farmers in India.

Create magical Christmas moments with Ice-World

Our Düsseldorfer ice rink is better than in Central Park and Rockefeller Center.

Düsseldorf Express

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