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Ice-World is worldwide leader in portable ice rinks.With over a quarter of a century’s experience we can provide temporary or permanent ice rinks in pretty well any shape, size, location or climate in permanent or temporary buildings, marquees or outdoors. Each year, millions of people round the world enjoy our facilities. We simply love putting a smile on people’s faces.

Our vision and mission

We believe the world is a lot more fun if people all over the world can experience the joy of ice and ice skating. For us an ice rink is the epic center of fun, performance and sociability. It brings people together. Facilitates joy. Enhances coziness. It challenges athletes to get the best out themselves.

We feel responsible for ice and skating culture for future generations. That’s why we do everything in our power to facilitate our clients to realize their projects, in the most the environment friendly way as possible, and people can experience the magic of real ice and winter.


It’s our mission to enable unforgettable real ice experiences, anywhere, anytime and for every occasion. Dedicated to create the impossible.


About Ice-World

Our values

1. We have a strong customer focus. It’s our ambition always to add real value to every project we take on.

2. We feel and are responsible for the things we do. Taking ownership every step of the way.

3. Not everything always goes according to plan. And that’s the way of the world. But no matter how things turn out, we stay positive and look at the possibilities en opportunities.

4. Left or right, we are dedicated to make it happen. That’s it!

5. Born of invention, in life to create new experiences and innovate.

Seeking sustainable solutions

Obviously ice rinks use considerable amounts of energy. So as market leader, we consider it our duty to operate in an as energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way as we can. We aim to do things right and as energy-friendly as possible.


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Unique and patented technology

In 1992, our founder Wim Hoeks had his great insight: you could reverse the technique for heating water to create ice surfaces! Using aluminium means our rinks consume up to 40% less energy than traditional rinks, and can often be ready to skate on in less than 24 hours.


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Our worldwide dealers network

Ice-World’s temporary and permanent ice skating rinks have established a reputation far beyond Dutch borders. With a head office, warehouse and production in the Netherlands, sales offices in Benelux, Germany, China and the Middle East, and an international network of dealers and partners, we are your trusted one-shop-stop business partner.

Ice-World supplies ice skating rinks in all shapes and sizes to virtually any location in the world.


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Working at Ice-World

We are always looking for experienced or young talent. Check out our vacancies or be bold: contact us and take your chance!


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