Skating brings people together and gets them moving. A recreational ice skating rink is a symbol for conviviality, livening things up and connecting young and old. An ice rink energises people. And as market leader, we consider it more important than ever to operate in an energyefficient and environmentally-friendly way

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Real ice in a sustainable way!


It is our mission to create unforgettable ice experiences, connecting people, anywhere, any time and for every occasion. In the most environmentally friendly way as possible. We do this by developing innovative ice concepts made of real ice that excel in quality and sustainability.

Together with our customers, we go for: ‘Join the ice experience’, our motto that is reflected in all facets of our business.

Up to 40% less energy consumption

Our patented system means that both our indoor and outdoor ice rinks use up to 40% less energy. Aluminium transfers the cold to the water far quicker, cutting energy costs. And because the aluminium pipes lie in the water, no energy escapes through the cold ground.

Ice-World commissioned the engineering firm, Sparkling Projects, to measure scientifically our energy savings. TNO/TÜV checked the calculation models and tested various products in their laboratories. Both TNO and TÜV concluded that an Ice-World ice rink saves up to 40% in energy costs.

TNO rapport nr.:TNO034-ADP-0229-0378 TÜV rapport nr.:TÜV034-APD-2009-00378.

Green energy

Every year since 2009 we have compensated the energy consumption of every European ice rink we build by purchasing GOs from Groenbalans. Our own offices are also energy self-sufficient, with 6000m2 of solar panels on the roofs of our head office, warehouse and workspace in the Netherlands. And because we don’t use all the energy that generates, we also supply electricity back to the power grid.

100% CO2 compensation

We compensate all CO2 released during transportation (boat/cargo/aircraft) by buying carbon credits via VNV Advisory. In our case, we thereby also contribute to Salt Farmers in India. The salt farmers use financial contributions to pay for solar panels and electric pumps, so they can replace their diesel pumps. This also
helps towards a better environment.

ISO Certified

Naturally, we also have official certification to confirm that we do things the right way. We are ISO 14001 environmentally certified. We manufacture, rent, sell, assemble and dismantle our ice rinks sustainably. The aluminium and other components are all recycled, and storage of coolants is carried out in line with regulations. Where possible, we work with recycled production materials and alternative fuels. For wooden boarding, we use certified wood from sustainably managed forests. And finally, the quality of our services is tested every year and we are ISO 9001 certified.


The ice rink water is cooled using the environmentallyfriendly coolant, monopropylene glycol, or glycol for short. Almost 100% of this coolant is recycled. It is also completely biodegradable, so even in the event of a leakage it won’t harm the environment.

We only ever collaborate with suppliers who consider sustainability a top priority, and we always try to find multifunctional, energy-efficient solutions. Ensuring we are helping create a world where people can enjoy skating responsibly on an ice rink with real ice.

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