Doing things right

Obviously ice rinks use considerable amounts of energy. So as market leader, we consider it our duty to operate in an as energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way as we can.

Energy-efficient system
Green energy
100% CO2 compensation


Thanks to Ice-World’s patented system our indoor and outdoor ice rinks use up to 40% less energy than competitors, as verified by the TNO and TÜV research institutes. Moreover, our ice rink water is cooled using glycol coolant that is almost 100% recycled and completely biodegradable. In addition, every European Ice-World rink is cooled using green electricity from wind turbines. And since 2009, we have compensated the energy consumption of every European ice rink we build by purchasing GOs from Groenbalans (the Green Balance Group).

Seeking out sustainable solutions

We always try to find the most multifunctional, energy-efficient solution. Wherever possible, we work with recycled production materials and alternative fuels. For wooden boarding, we use certified wood from sustainably managed forests. We also manufacture, rent, sell, assemble and dismantle our ice rinks sustainably. And all aluminium and other components are recycled. The quality of our services is tested every year, and we are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14001 environmentally certified.


Giving back

We have taken various steps to make our offices more environmentally friendly. We also generate electricity for our own use through 6000m2 of solar panels on the roofs of our Dutch offices, warehouse and workspace. And because we don’t use all the energy they generate, we even supply electricity back to the power grid. We compensate all the CO2 we release during boat, cargo and aircraft transportation by buying carbon credits via VNV Advisory, thereby also financially supporting salt farmers in India so they can purchase solar panels and replace their diesel pumps with electric ones.


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