Anne Gierveld
01 March 2019

Increase your turnover with a portable ice rink

Every year skating rinks become more popular, and increasingly they are being set up as a crowd-puller for all kinds of events. This isn’t hard to explain: from a study carried out in four different European countries by the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences into the economic effects of skating rinks in city centres, it appears that having an ice skating rink at a winter event leads to extra money being made across the board.

The growth in popularity also ensures revenue growth for businesses in the surrounding area. The hospitality and catering industry, as well as shops, make a good profit during winter events. Moreover, it appears from the same study that 85% of businesses report seeing a positive impact on turnover after a temporary ice-skating rink is set up.

But what does a skating rink revenue model actually look like? This article describes the major sources of income.


1. Ticket sales

Obviously, more visitors equals more income. Thanks to the reliability of the Ice-World skating rink, the ice floor dries quickly after a rainstorm. On warmer days too, the rink can simply stay open so that visitors keep coming. And don’t forget: for every skater, there is a friend or family member looking on.

The price of a ticket is usually 5 to 10 EUR/USD.


2. Rental of skates and skating aids

Renting skates, and skating aids such as Bobby the Seal® and Tommy the Reindeer®, along with special equipment such as the IceByk® and curling sets, generates additional turnover.


3. Sponsoring

Several local businesses benefit from brand awareness in their vicinity, which is why they are interested in sponsoring ice-skating-related events. Large companies that have families as their target audience are also frequently prepared to contribute, but it is also the case that they may offer their own customers discounts or free tickets to the event as part of a savings campaign. These types of partners are a good way to increase turnover for both the sponsoring partner and the skating rink organiser.


4. Catering and hospitality industry

Whether it’s about visitors who have just come off of the ice or spectators, everyone needs to eat and drink. And for every event, this need also goes into overdrive. After all, no day of skating is ever complete without a tasty snack and a drink.


5. Special events

Special events are an excellent way to attract a wider audience. Among others, this can include: skating clinics, company outings, school outings, children’s parties, disco on ice, performances and tournaments. One way of giving these events extra appeal is to offer deals involving a free snack or drink, for example.


6. Merchandising

Increase your event’s revenue by offering fun gadgets like gloves, cuddly stuffed toys or warm scarves or hats. Your sponsors can also benefit from this type of activity, so be sure to involve them as well.

Would you like to know more about skating rink options for your event, or do you have plans to organise a new winter event? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the options!