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Over the past 25 years we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. From organisation to maintenance, from budgeting to sponsorship. From accessories to ticket sales. We have collected all this valuable information in our online Knowledge center to share with anyone who wants to know more about building an ice rink with real ice and/or organizing a skating or winter experience from A to Z. In the past few months, we have been working hard on adjusting and renewing our concepts referring to all the necessary Corona measures. Read more about our ‘Corona proof’ winter and skating concepts in our Knowledge center.

Blogs September 2022

7 energy-saving tips for your ice rink

As we face an energy crisis worldwide, perhaps you are questioning whether you should still operate an ice rink? Or whether it is profitable to organize an ice event? The good news is that you can do a lot yourself to make the ice rink more energy efficient and sustainable.

Blogs September 2022

How does the Ice-World system work?

Ice-World’s mobile ice rinks are built up out of foldable aluminium elements which are 1 metre wide and available in various lengths. They can easily be connected to one another using quick-fit connectors.

Blogs July 2020

Recommendations For Covid-19 Proof Skate Rental Stations

On the ice rink, it is relatively easy to keep your distance. But what about skate rental stations or changing rooms? We have an example of a Covid-19 proof skate rental station available for you to download. With simple means you can make your rental station functional and safe at the same time.

Blogs June 2020

Road To A Succesful 2020 Ice Skating Event

In our 25 years of experience in organizing ice skating events, the year 2020 already became one of the most memorable. Covid-19 impacted the event industry in a way we would never expect. Are you organizing an ice skating event in 2020? In this article, we share our latest insights about Covid-19 measures, legal permits and project financing.

Blogs June 2020

Inspiration for Ice Rink Layouts & Time Schedules: 11 ideas

1. Recommendations for ice rink layouts Download layout recommendations (.pdf, 7 pages) » 2. Recommendations for ice rink time schedules View time schedule recommendations (.pdf, 3 pages) » Did you like our recommendations? Stay up to date by receiving our newsletter. Please enter your email address below. Name* Email* Submit Δ

Blogs June 2020

Recommendations for a Covid-19 Proof Ice Skating Event

To help you organize a COVID-19 proof ice skating event, we listed 10 recommendations for ice rink operators and ice rink users.

Blogs May 2020


How the ‘new normal’ affects our business In the past few weeks we have worked very hard on innovative business concepts and new opportunities for constructive partnerships. Referring to our business it is crucial to think about questions like: what will the ‘new normal’ be and how does it affect our business? Will there be [...]

Blogs March 2019

6 ways to generate income with an ice skating rink

Every year skating rinks become more popular, and increasingly they are being set up as a crowd-puller for all kinds of events.

Blogs October 2018

Step by step: building an ice rink in 24 hours

Ice-World boasts the very cool ability to build a mobile ice rink within 24 hours. Compared to other mobile ice rinks, 24 hours is extremely short: most require about 3 to 5 days to build.

Blogs July 2018

Ice maintenance for top-class sports performance

Maintaining an ice rink for top-level sports requires professional skills. Every type of ice sport requires its own quality of ice and maintenance rules and the ideal temperature of the ice varies from sport to sport.

Blogs February 2018

The importance of a well-maintained ice-rink floor

Maintenance is more important than you would think for an ice rink. This involves numerous tasks, not only to guarantee skating pleasure and safety, but also for optimum energy efficiency.

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