12 May 2020

How the ‘new normal’ affects our business

In the past few weeks we have worked very hard on innovative business concepts and new opportunities for constructive partnerships. Referring to our business it is crucial to think about questions like: what will the ‘new normal’ be and how does it affect our business? Will there be (more) COVID-19 restrictions and how do we deal with these rules referring to our ice-experiences and winter events? How can we help our partners and clients to get their business up and running again and develop and organize Corona proof winter events in the future? What does it look like? How can we keep our people safe?

Fewer restrictions for children

The good news is that in some European countries kids are allowed to go to school and their sports clubs again. Kids are an important target group for us and we know how it is good for them and their well-being, both mentally and physically, to go outside and have fun! And we will do our upmost best to keep on building our (temporary) ice-rinks where ever possible and help our clients and partners to create an unforgettable ice-experience.

Re-inventing our business

Re-inventing ourselves and our business is necessary in this unpredictable time, but it gives us energy and hope as well. We are convinced that there is future for our events. We trust that, especially this autumn and winter, we can bring people back together again to enjoy an ice-experience and all the fun and laughter skating, curling and sliding can bring.

Stay strong and stay in touch

A shout out for everybody in the event business. Stay strong and let’s join forces to develop and organize events for the future. It is possible. In the following months we will share our latest developments and experiences on building ice-rinks and organizing successful ice-experiences and winter events in a ‘new’ environment.

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and keep on following us for the latest news.

Let’s stay in touch to re-invent our business together.

Team Ice-World