The joy of real ice

We promise organizers of ice and winter events the joy of real ice. After all, the visitors should enjoy taking laps on ice, pirouettes and ice hockey on our mobile ice rinks. And you read correctly, we do that with real ice. A plastic rink doesn’t slide, the noise isn’t there, and you scrape plastic off the floor that often ends up harming the environment.

Dirk-Jan Kaan
07 December 2023

360-degree ice

We use our expertise worldwide to lay ice rinks with high-quality ice, suitable for elite sports and all forms of recreation. We rent or sell ice rinks around the world and lay them in every imaginable location. From local Dutch events to ice rinks in Saudi Arabia, Australia or Singapore. We build pleasant recreational rinks, but also competition rinks and we set up complete fun parks with ice slides. In the Netherlands, at Leeuwarden, the musical ‘De Tocht’ has the world’s first 360-degree rotating ice rink. You name it, we can do it and we do it.

Freezing instead of heating

Our founder Wim Hoeks devised this unique system. If you can heat swimming water, why can’t you cool it too, he thought. Freeze water instead of heating it, then you can make an ice rink with it. An ice rink from Ice-World consists of aluminum tubes that you snap together like Lego blocks. The “standard block” is five meters long and one meter wide and consists of eighteen tubes that are attached to the next piece with rubber tubing, each about ten centimeters long. Within 48 hours, there is for example a complete ice hockey rink measuring sixty by thirty meters. And if someone wants an ice rink with different sizes, we work with ‘custom blocks’.


From the ice rink on the village square to the NHL Global Series

We lay ice skating surfaces for recreation, for sports such as ice hockeyshort track or curling, and we build fun parks, where you can slide down ice slides with tubes, for example. And how delightful those ice rinks are, those ice rinks downtown that young and old can enjoy. We provide the ultimate winter feeling. Especially at a competition rink, nothing can go wrong. In 2018, we made the ice rink for the World All-round Speed Skating Championships in Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium. In the Rod Laver Arena (known for tennis), we recently built an indoor, competition-ready ice hockey rink for the NHL Global Series. We even received compliments on the quality of the ice floor from the professional hockey players. And in 2024, we are the supplier of the icefloor for the WK Shorttrack in Rotterdam.



We lay ice rinks all over the world, even in places where the temperature reaches forty degrees. In doing so, we always consider the world around us. And as market leader, we consider it our duty to operate in an as energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way as we can. We work continuously to make the system even more energy efficient, which already uses 40% less energy than other systems. There are also solar panels on the roof of our headquarters, we use wind energy and we compensate all the CO2 we release during boat, cargo and aircraft transportation by buying carbon credits via VNV Advisory, thereby also financially supporting salt farmers in India so they can purchase solar panels and replace their diesel pumps with electric ones.

But above all, ice gives energy. We believe that the world is a lot more fun when people all over the world can experience the joy of ice and skating. For us, an ice rink is the epicenter of fun, performance and conviviality. It brings young and old together, brings joy to everyone and challenges athletes to perform at their best. That is the power of real ice. That’s why we do what we do every day. Our expertise takes us all over the world. We showcase the versatility of our product in the most beautiful projects. Skating on real ice is the best. Join the ice experience!

Do you also want an ice rink that stands for lots of fun and many visitors? Feel free to contact us.