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Over the past 25 years, Ice-World has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. From organisation to maintenance, from budgeting to sponsorship and from accessories to ticket sales.

News June 2020

Road To A Succesful 2020 Ice Skating Event

In our 25 years of experience in organizing ice skating events, the year 2020 already became one of the most memorable. Covid-19 impacted the event industry in a way we would never expect. Are you organizing an ice skating event in 2020? In this article, we share our latest insights about Covid-19 measures, legal permits and project financing.

News June 2020

Recommendations for Ice Rink Layouts & Time Schedules

All of our ice rink projects are unique. Some include a lap around the historic town hall, others include fun slides or are situated inside a shopping mall. To help you organize an unforgettable and flawless ice rink experience, we share some inspiration for unique ice rink layouts and time schedules.

News June 2020

Recommendations for a Covid-19 Proof Ice Skating Event

To help you organize a COVID-19 proof ice skating event, we listed 10 recommendations for ice rink operators and ice rink users.

News May 2020


How the ‘new normal’ affects our business In the past few weeks we have worked very hard on innovative business concepts and new opportunities for constructive partnerships. Referring to our business it is crucial to think about questions like: what will the ‘new normal’ be and how does it affect our business? Will there be [...]

News November 2019

IceByk® wins IAAPA Brass Ring Award 2019

Ice-World’s IceByk®, a spectacular ice attraction that guarantees spectacular bike actions on the ice, has won the second price in the IAAPA Brass Ring in the category Best New Product: Patron Participation Ride/Attraction.

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