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Before the skating fun kicks off, a lot of things have to be thought through and arranged. A successful ice project starts with thinking about the size of the rink, the duration of the event and many other factors.

Real ice
Ice in 24 hours

An ice rink gives energy

Ice-World builds some 60 recreational ice rinks every year for a variety of clients in the Netherlands. And we have been doing so for 30 years. Together we look for the best opportunities to realize the ice rink; financially, organizationally and with innovative custom ice rink concepts. Renting a temporary skating rink becomes more popular every year and is increasingly used as a crowd puller for various events; think of winter events, Christmas markets and school skating.

Real ice where you want it

Few people pass up the chance to skate on real ice. A temporary skating rink has proven to be a crowd puller and family outing par excellence. In shopping centers, on town and village squares or in an amusement park: the attraction of ice is great. Visitors relax and enjoy the ice fun, stay longer and come back more often. And this benefits local business owners who see their sales noticeably increase during an ice event on their doorstep.


Packed with possibilities

The dimensions of most ice rinks range from 200m² to 1,800m², but they can also be smaller or even much larger. Because our system is modular, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Think of an ice rink around a tree, a fountain or a specific area for children. All kinds of accessories and activities on the ice are also possible. Ice-World has a collection of accessories that make an ice rink rental event even more fun or that are simply indispensable for the maintenance of the ice rink. The rental of skates, skate helpers and specials such as curling sets is great for generating extra income.


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