What does it cost to rent an ice rink?

Organizing an event with an ice rink as the epicenter involves a lot. The key question, of course, is about cost. At Ice-World we offer temporary and permanent ice rinks, and can deliver these in an existing building, building redeveloped for the purpose, semi-permanent building or outdoors.

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An ice skating rink brings people together and on the move! Every year, many enjoy our temporary ice rinks. But let's start with the most important question for many: what does renting a temporary ice rink actually cost? That question is not easy to answer, because the prices for renting an ice rink depend on the size of the rink, its shape and accessories, among other things. And the total budget of an ice event consists of much more than just the ice rink itself. An ice rink is customized, so is the investment. Feel free to ask for a no-obligation quote. And whatever the cost, an ice rink also brings a lot: it increases togetherness, strengthens the local economy and energizes young and old alike. Each ice rink event is a unique project and deserves personal attention and tailor-made advice.

Location, shape and size make the difference

The price for renting an ice rink depends on several factors, including the duration of the event, the size of the rink and the location. An ice rink can have different sizes and shapes depending on your needs. Ice rink sizes range from 200 square meters to 10,000 square meters. Since the systems are modular, they can come in different sizes and shapes. Think of a FunPark or a special area for children. An ice rink does not necessarily have to be round, square or rectangular!


One step at a time

To organize an ice rink event, you need a tent, lighting, decoration, power, personnel, permits and insurance in addition to the ice rink. The budget varies from event to event. For an average-sized event with all accessories and a duration of 3.5 weeks, you should consider a budget from €30,000 for the ice rink and accessories. This can be recouped through sponsorships and grants and also by charging entrance fees or renting skates and skate helpers and catering.

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