03 December 2021

An affordable ice hall for a curling club

The building of a curling rink in Zemst

Building a dedicated curling facility had been a dream of the Curling Club Zemst for a long time. They knew a curling rink would increase interest in the sport, but needed to demonstrate there was significant interest already, in order to secure the investment needed to fund the project. The Curling Club Zemst managed to overcome this challenge with a loan from the World Curling Federation (WCF), a very successful crowdfunding campaign and a subsidy from the local government. The final concept: a new, affordable 3-sheet curling facility with a cosy bar overlooking the ice. For the ice floor, the curling club turned to Ice-World. The Ice-World piping system was placed in a lightweight hall on an insulated concrete floor and connected to the 5-scroll compressor chiller with a heat recovery system. This proved to be a very energy-efficient solution, keeping not only the initial investment low but also the running costs down. The WCF congratulated the Curling Club Zemst with its successful initiative and uses it as a case study on how to build a modern curling facility

Read all about it on their own blog about the journey of the construction of the curling rink in Zemst (Belgium).

This facility is a blueprint for all starting curling regions

Kate Caithness, President World Curling Federation

Olympic curling action in Zemst

The reasons to partner with a permanent ice rink from Ice-World

No risk, we deliver

For 30 years now, we have been helping our customers with successful and sustainable ice events. Ice-World is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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We design and supply as per client requirements. Our experts are always available with technical and operational advice to ensure a 100% ice experience.

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Our rinks are approved by official bodies such as ISU, IIHF and KNSB for recreational and professional skating.