Professional permanent ice rinks

Ice-World is your reliable partner for permanent ice facilities and rinks. Take a look at our permanent ice solutions. With our 25 years experience, unique systems and tailor made solutions we can meet all your demands to offer the best ice skating experience.

Professional permanent ice experience, anywhere

Ice-World is your reliable partner for permanent ice facilities and rinks. Do you need a professional permanent or semi-permanent ice facility? We offer professional ice hockey and curling rinks or 400-metre ovals that can be constructed at any location, such as a stadium, a sports hall or outdoors. It is possible to replace an piping system, renovate an existing ice hall or build a completely new arena. 

Ice-World builds state-of-the-art ice rinks for professional athletes and amateurs. Our 25 years of world-wide experience in the ice sport sector means we know what is needed to ensure perfect ice conditions to maximise performance. 

Brand new ice facilities for all athletes

Ice sports are booming. A lot of clubs and ice halls have reached their capacity and can offer only limited ice time to their customers and athletes. Together with Ice-World you can guarantee year-round training and competitive ice facilities. Our solutions fit in existing infrastructure, such as shopping malls and warehouses and totally new marquees or lightweight halls. Due to the low investment and running costs we enable all kinds of organisations with a all kinds of budgets to turn their aspirations into reality.

Attract more visitors with an ice rink in your Shopping Mall or Theme Park

Are you looking for sensational activities to attract more visitors? An ice rink is the ultimate crowd-puller that attracts families to flock to the ice rink for a fun day out. Nowadays, visitors are seeking new entertainment experiences. Ice is an essential part of a winter experience, in which it is about connecting, family, being active and having fun! Especially in regios where low temperatures, ice and snow are rare or non existing. An ice rink is the ultimate attraction to create an extra buzz. Looking for a unique crowd-puller? People relax and enjoy skating, they stay longer and return more frequently.

Create an unforgettable winter experience with an Ice-World permanent ice rink in your Shopping Mall or Theme Park.

Our permanent sport rinks

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Permanent sport ice rinks

Our permanent recreational rinks

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Permanent recreational ice rinks

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