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Skating on frozen canals is a centuries-old Dutch tradition. As a pastime however, ice skating was largely unknown in many parts of the world until the invention of the mobile ice rink in 1992. From Europe and Australia to South Africa, Brazil and Mexico, millions of people around the world have now discovered the magic of ice and the joy of ice skating.

Unique patented fold-out aluminium system
Our unique patented fold-out aluminium system allows us to use real ice. The ice rink comprises a series of fold-out elements that are easily connected by a few quick-release couplings. The fold-out aluminium ice floor can be unfolded without tools or equipment, just like a huge tablecloth. As everything is pre-assembled and has been factory-tested, the system combines speed with quality which means installation only takes a few hours. We can guarantee that a recreational ice rink is fully operational within 24 hours, an ice hockey rink is competition-ready within 48 hours and a long-distance ice track is available within 120 hours.

Authority in mobile ice rinks
While our scope and rollout times are indeed impressive, more important is that Ice-World is considered an authority in the field of mobile ice rinks and a leader in innovation and sustainability. Since 1992, our high-profile projects have been traversing the world courtesy of our offices in the Netherlands, Germany and China. Thanks to our extensive dealer network, we sell and hire out ice rinks in over 40 countries across all continents.

Ice for recreation and sports
Our specialty? Custom-made ice rinks for special occasions. Whether it involves a small ice track for some skating fun and recreation or a large-scale project for a major sports event, you can always tell that it’s unmistakably Ice-World. And that’s in no small part due to our professional team that delivers 24/7 quality support and personal attention.


100 percent compensation for ice rink emissions
We use wind energy for our Dutch projects and where possible environment-friendly energy sources such as soy-biodiesel. Ice-World’s global ecological footprint (resulting from ice rink production, transport and the general impact of our various projects) is estimated at 3,325 tons of CO2 annually. To offset our environmental impact, we are actively involved in a mangrove tree planting programme in Myanmar.

Call us in and instantly experience the Ice-World effect: people begin to move, have fun and enjoy memorable sports events.

  • Global leader of mobile ice rinks
  • Production and head office 15.400 m2
  • Production capacity of 20.000 m2 per month
  • Patented foldable ice rinks for rapid installation
  • Over 120.000 m2 ice rinks in stock around the world
  • 20.000 skates, 1.500 Bobby® the Seal in stock

“Ice-World products are very easy to install, and we like the ‘look and feel’ of the Ice-World system. The overall success of the project was based on partnership and collaboration from the outset.”

Nikolay Yakovlev, Saint-Petersburg city Christmas Market, Head of the project.