Skates for rent and sale

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skaterack plus skatesMany people bring their own skates. But experience has shown that at least 50% of visitors want to rent skates. And Ice-World can deliver those skates along with the ice rink rental.

Quantity: The standard average number of skates amounts to approximately one-third of the number of square metres of ice. So for a 600 m2 ice arena, 200 pairs of skates will be needed. For large-scale projects or specific locations, this quantity may vary.

Sizes: We have skates from size 26 for the smallest child up to size 46 for the biggest adult. You can also order dual blade skates for your littlest skaters. Skating is something to be learned young!

Quality: The mobile aluminium ice rink is perfect. So the skates need to be perfect too for everyone to enjoy an optimum skating experience. Ice-World has several thousand pairs of skates exclusively manufactured every year. These special skates are bright orange (the Dutch national colour). This also makes it clear that these are rental skates, making them harder to steal.

  • Hard synthetic skating boot with soft nylon water repellent interior.
  • Highest quality plastic quick fasteners.
  • Extra-hardened stainless steel blades that have been sharply ground.
  • Size clearly indicated on the back of the skates.
  • Sporty and stylish cut.
  • Striking colours: "Holland Orange".

Children's skates with dual blades:

  • Adjustable dual blade system in sizes 24 to 35.
  • Two quick fasteners.
  • Chrome-plated steel blades.

Skate grinder
The blades on the skates we rent are made of stainless steel and have been extra-hardened for many weeks of use. However, if the ice rink is open for a longer period, the skates may need sharpening for optimal skating enjoyment. Ice-World has a very modern semi-automatic grinder for your ice skates available. It makes sharpening of the ice skates as easy as can be. You can rent this machine with or without personnel or you can even purchase it.

  • Renting the grinder with personnel.
  • Renting just the grinder.
  • Buying the grinder.

Second-hand skates for sale
For longer rental periods or multiyear agreements, or naturally when an ice rink is purchased, it can work out more attractive financially to purchase the skates. New or used ice skates. Rental skates are either new or maximum one season old. After this time, the skates are still excellent in use and generally look top-notch too. We also have synthetic ice-hockey models with an extra-hardened blade. Specially for rentals. Thousands of ice skates available in every size.

New skates € 30,-
Used for one season € 20,-
Used for two seasons € 10,-
Other skates € 5,- (often nearly new, to be repaired by new owner )

The orange skates are not yet available for sale.