Schiedam (NL)

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Bob the BuilderThe area around Schiedam Station will be changing over the next 15 years into a lively area to live and work. To compensate for the excavation works that will take place over the coming years in this area, the Stationsplein was turned into a winter wonderland for the second time in December 2003. The 2002 edition was a big success, with over 10,000 enthusiastic skaters in 20 days. To ensure that things ran as smoothly again in 2003, we discussed our organisation options with several parties. Ice-World’s helpfulness and strong organisational skills made this our company of choice. And it turns out this was definitely the right decision! We were able to enjoy three weeks of expertly organised ice sport. Ice-World advised our organisation bureau, On-Line, which took over all operational activities, without turning it into a commercial stunt. The goal was to keep it accessible, with a low admission rate, so that the neighbouring residents could fully enjoy the ice. Ice-World and On-Line turned out to be a brilliant combination, complimenting each other’s efforts perfectly! Hanneke van Vaalen Schiedam Municipality
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